A preview of Vogel Marketing Group's website. The site features a dark red and peach color scheme. The main header reads: "Helping brands tell better stories."

Vogel Marketing Group

Vogel Marketing Group (VMG) is a full-service creative and digital marketing agency specializing in lifestyle marketing, brand development and product design. VMG approached us looking for a fast website release to coincide with the launch of their business. Our solution? A site powered by Eleventy, a simple static site generator with powerful templating capabilities. With a static site, we put VMG online in next to no time at all, with zero hosting costs.

Key Facts

  • $0 Hosting Costs
  • <1 Week Development Time
  • Infinite Scaling Potential

Static site generators are a perfect fit for new businesses. With lots of great ways to host static sites for free (we're fans of Netlify), they provide an excellent, low-cost option to getting online. Backed by Eleventy, VMG's website comes with powerful data management and templating capabilities that will help them expand the website as their business evolves. They can easily grow from a simple landing page, to a full CMS-powered client portfolio site with the same underlying technology. No expensive rewrites in their future!

As a marketing agency themselves, they brought their own beautiful design to our initial consultation. Armed with their vision, we took their idea from a PDF to a live, responsive site in less than a week of development time.

With the addition of a custom, on-brand Hubspot contact form, we put VMG on a solid foundation to grow their business in a highly cost-effective manner.